The Workshop at Studio VELO is suited to service all of your cycling needs, from small punctures to custom builds. Being rider owned, Gareth knows from his days of race cycling how important it is to a rider to have a quick turnaround time on a bike and to get it back perfectly tuned post service. This is the approach we take with all jobs in the workshop. Our mechanics are CYTEC trained and all use our Parktool kitted out equipment to ensure top quality servicing on your bike.

We have a range of services on offer:

  • The GENERAL service – designed as a regular maintenance service throughout the year
  • The FULL service – designed as a comprehensive annual service leaving no stone unturned.


  • Inner Tube Replacement (inc. Continental Tube) £10
  • Suspension Fork Lower Service £35
  • Shock Service £25
  • Brake Bleed (per brake) £15
  • Dropper Post Fitting £20 (free if post bought from Studio VELO)
  • Drivetrain Clean £20
  • Race/Safety Check £20
  • Replace Bar Tape (inc. Arundel Gecko Tape) £25
  • Dropper post service £15


To book a service please email us on or call us on 01556 503069. Our service is based on providing top quality servicing in a timeframe and budget that’s suitable for our customers.


JOB LIST General Full
Bolt Check and Torque
Seatpost Removed, Cleaned and Re-fitted
Drive train inspected
Brakes and Pads Inspected
Tyres and Wheels Inspected
Wheels Trued
Gears Aligned and Indexed
Brakes Aligned and Adjusted
Headset inspected and adjusted
Drivetrain Removed, Cleaned and Re-lubricated
Bottom Bracket Removed, Cleaned and Re-fitted
Headset Removed and Re-greased
Hubs Serviced
New Cables Fitted (MTB brakes bled)
New Bar Tape Fitted (Arundel Gecko Tape)
MTB - Dropper Post Serviced